Alternative investing is typically a long-term investment because of its volatility, illiquidity and the level of patience required for investors.

As per traditional investing in stocks and shares, bonds, cash — holding onto alternative investments longer than twelve months offer several benefits to investors.

Not only can longer-term investing have lower capital gains tax, but it can also accrue more significant gains in a longer period.

1. Long-term hedge fund investing

For investors familiar with traditional investing, investing in hedge funds is one step to migrate to a long-term alternative investment strategy.

Hedge funds are similar to managed funds like mutual funds. Hedge funds are…

Whenever you invest in property, there are certain factors you have to consider before deciding if it is a sound investment.

Location, market demand, and cost of maintenance and repairs are amongst other factors to consider when investing in property.

However, when you invest in renting a property, it can be a little more complicated than merely buying to resell later. Because becoming a landlord will require a more substantial commitment, especially on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

But with property prices increasing on an average of 11%, with the growth becoming even faster in light of the pandemic…

The coronavirus pandemic caused unprecedented volatility in global markets. As a result, investors searched for more alternative ways to invest their cash.

This rush for stable assets saw an upsurge in demand for traditional havens like gold, which saw its value rise strongly during the pandemic.

Alongside investing in gold, there has been another gold rush; alternative investing in rare coins.

People who collect rare coins can amass a vast number of small investments that are all increasing in price.

So, is rare coin collecting a good alternative investment?

Rare coins are just as volatile as any alternative investment

If you invest in rare coins believing that it is a…

One measure implemented during the pandemic has been to ‘lockdown’ large sections of society where the population was told to remain in their homes, shop for necessities, and distance learn their children at home.

As most of those lockdown measures begin to ease, it has become apparent how damaging school closures have been to children and young adults.

Threats of a third wave and whether this could be our ‘new normal’ has led to questions about how to stop our schools from closing again, despite possible new lockdowns.

Why schools should be the last places to close and first to open

Schools have made strenuous efforts to keep children learning during this unprecedented…

Emotional wellness affects you daily, and not only your mental and social health but can impact your physical health too. If you do not take care of your emotional wellness, then functioning day-to-day can prove exhausting and take a further toll on your health. Suppose you want to boost your emotional wellness, physical and mental health. In that case, a sauna’s an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Sauna has many benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. In many countries, it is also a place to socialise with your peers. Not only those you know, but strangers too —…

Efficient contract management workflow means more contracts signed, deals closed, suppliers paid, and more people hired.

Yet each stage, when done manually, can take considerable resources, not only time which can slow down business processes.

With the average price of a basic contract ranging from $6,900 and $49,000, it is business-critical to quicken the contract lifecycle workflow.

Speeding up your contract workflow process can bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced errors and risk and thus increased compliance by 55%
  • Improving the contract workflow process can save 20–30 days that otherwise, the company would spend creating, negotiating, and finalizing a contract doing…

The rise in remote working, distance learning, and an increased interest in health monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to businesses and schools searching for viable solutions to get life ‘back on track.’

Mask-wearing, vaccines and wearable tech have led to a rise in medical and technological solutions to return us to ‘normal.’

And yet, one solution has already been proven to work for decades — UV technology. The use of UV-related technology as a factor in combating the virus is only going to increase.

According to a new study, the market for ultraviolet (UV) sensors is expected to…

Article summary

  • What is contract management software?
  • What does contract management software do?
  • What are the benefits of contract management software?

Contracts used to be straightforward.

Several parties get together and discuss the concerns and obligations of each side and determine a set of principles that both parties will abide by.

Should expectations not be matched, then either party can refer back to the contact and determine what has not been fulfilled.

The complexity of contracts has increased — digital licensing agreements across multiple streaming platforms, for example, or complex financial derivatives contracts, present a real challenge to drafters.


As the pandemic shows little sign of going away, and nations are confronted with a possible third wave, more than half of the world’s schoolchildren still face substantial disruptions to their education.

These range from full school closures, reduced academic schedules and lack of contact time with their most critical resource — their teachers.

In Estonia, the heart of the Baltic Silicon Valley, the Ministry of Education and several schools have taken to using more innovative technological solutions to keep schools open.

Because for schools to remain open, they need to have teaching and administration staff.

It’s why schools are…

Lately, we’ve witnessed innovations in the world of wearable technology. These advances will potentially transform life, business and the global economy.

Wearables including Google Glass, Apple Watch, Fitbit and Oculus Rift promise to change how we function throughout society and use data to optimise how we live and interact with our world.

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